Whatever it takes to help you succeed

smartworks provides virtually every marketing service a company needs to excel. Even more important is how we use them.

We create a unique team for every client; creative staff, a researcher from American Opinion Research, a branding expert, digital marketer or another of our professionals, each analyzing your issues from his or her unique viewpoint to identify opportunities and develop strategies.

For example, a product launch may require:

  • Research from American Opinion Research (AOR), our wholly-owned global market research company, to test concepts, determine pricing, bundling options and identify messages most likely to motivate buyers
  • Your smartworks team analyzes and translates our research into a unique positioning, marketing strategies and messages that resonate with your buyers
  • We develop creative and sales tools, and support your launch
  • Post-launch, we can track your campaign and suggest tweaks or changes to make it even more successful

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