Effective advertising starts with understanding your audience

Engaging users with our unique blend of science and creative.

Advertising is meant to connect buyers and sellers. At smartworks, we don’t just connect them, we engage them.

That’s why our campaigns are driven by science, market research and creative uniquely integrated to understand customers’ emotion motivators, needs and behaviors to create concepts, strategies and messaging that resonates and motivates.

Whether a global campaign, targeting a specific audience or a single community, each client prospers from our unique blend of science and creative.

We also continuously track campaign results to ensure it’s generating results, and make refinements if necessary.

From media planning and buying to creating and tracking creative campaigns for print, video, broadcast and digital, we create advertising that’s targeted, engaging and effective.


This PSA reminds physicians and warns consumers about the dangers of reusing insulin needles.


This social media campaign for this medical device targeted veterans, far more likely to suffer from migraines and cluster headaches. It featured product benefits and appealed to vets who could see themselves in the ads.


Peyronie’s disease is a very uncomfortable. Even talking about it is uncomfortable. This campaign effectively communicated the problem and featured the pharma solution in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-accept demonstration.


This immersive trade show exhibit showcased Agfa’s printing applications on various materials in a fun and engaging way. It also made its positioning, produce more powerful messages, come to life.