American Opinion Research; adding the science to strategy & creativity

We deliver answers, not just numbers.

Data-driven marketing is at the heart of smartworks success. And at the heart of that is American Opinion Research (AOR), one of the world’s top research firms and a wholly-owned smartworks company.

When we say smartworks resides at the intersection of science and creativity, AOR provides the science. We use advanced technology, cutting-edge data collection and insightful analysis to develop the strategies and campaigns that will help make your brands flourish.

Our clients receive hard, projectable, actionable data to make the tough decisions they face, not intuition or educated guesswork.

AOR has conducted research in every state and in dozens of countries across the globe for many of the world’s most successful companies.

Our unique ad testing process evaluates each element of an ad, commercial or video, overlaying each piece upon another. We may start testing visuals alone, then with the headline, adding copy and any other elements, and finally testing the complete ad. This allows us to determine exactly which elements, even individual words, engage customers and which don’t. We can also mix and other headlines, visuals, copy, etc. to determine if other combinations resonate better.

AOR uses trade-off and segmentation analyses along with other high-level statistical techniques to help companies develop and price products, increase sales by re-bundling current ones and identifying prospects with the greatest potential, and the messages that move their audiences.

Using our market research, we develop marketing strategies and messages, and create very accurate models projecting revenue from various options.


Research among healthcare professionals, customers and employees was used to develop strategies to help Siemens not only weather a crisis, but emerge stronger than before. smartworks and AOR then successfully rebranded the same division.


Research helps top customers understand how to market and findings were shared at a live workshop. Hearing care providers compared their practices to others. Overall findings were summarized in this infographic.


We tested global reaction in 12 countries to a new healthcare concept, including product acceptance along with the features and benefits that would most engage customers, and forecasted revenue based on various price points.


For McGraw-Hill, we conducted pre-launch advertising testing to measure how effectively its messages would drive buyer behavior. We also repositioned Grow and created sales tools based on the research.