Launches that really take off

Emotional appeal key to success.

A successful product launch requires more than a good product. Appealing to a customer’s emotions is far more effective than explaining its technology and how it works.

smartworks unique product launch process often starts with research to understand customers emotional and business motivations, identify messages that resonate, develop a launch strategy and plan and identify the most effective marketing channels to convey those messages.

We also conduct a detailed competitive analysis to ensure your product is positively differentiated from competitors before moving on to creative and implementation.

We create sales tools, educational materials, training videos for users and sales reps and marketing videos for consumers and B2B audiences. Click here to see some of the videos we created.

Using segmentation analysis, we have developed highly customized content for apps and websites, even automatically changing headlines, visuals and copy based on B2B and B2C target group profiles.

We’re also mindful that the day a product launches is one day closer to the end of its effective lifecycle. The smartworks process is also designed to identify emerging trends so our clients stay at the cutting edge of their customers’ needs.

smartworks has successfully launched new products and services in such industries as:

  • Healthcare
  • Medical devices
  • Media
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Financial services
  • Education
  • Computers and software
  • Manufacturing


We developed brand strategy, name and suite of individualized content for an app and website based on customer profiles. Then created global campaign themes and sales tools.


Launched product based on our research and discussions with global KOLs to identify product value and positioning. Integrated launch campaign guided physicians on best use of the product.


Research showed consumers wanted critical information on the front of the package. We created company and product names, logos, positioning, packaging and more.


This totally 3D animated video showed HCPs how to use this new wound care product.