Delighting customers in a digital world

Making your marketing magic.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR & VR) delight customers, generate sales, train users in new and exciting ways, and make your marketing come to life. A recent article coined AR and VR the “methodologies of the future.” At smartworks, AR and VR are methodologies of the now.

AR and VR create experiences that cut through the marketing and advertising clutter, reaching buyers on a more entertaining, personalized and emotional level, increasing interest, brand recognition, engagement, and driving B2C and B2B sales.

But no matter how revolutionary the technology, it’s not worth much without the right people to make it work. We partner with Dream Syndicate to deliver AR or VR as part of our integrated campaigns. We are the magic makers with the strategy, creative, technology, marketing expertise and analytics to make AR and VR work for you.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality changes the way users see their world, altering their real environment by semi-imposing digital information, such as visuals or sounds.

With AR, smartworks can create 3D action so live you think you can touch it. Catalogs, packaging, posters, print ads, static displays all come alive to tell your story.

A recent report says AR has the potential to reduce sales cycles by up to 50 percent.

Using only a smartphone or mobile device, just take a photo of a product—glasses, shoes, dresses, pants, almost anything and see how they look on you, giving window shopping a whole new meaning. AR can make your presentations, ads, trade show exhibits and events come alive.

  • Customers can point and click to see how product, medical device, copier, furniture, almost anything, fits into a specific space.
  • They see your products in 3D on any surface and interact with it while a virtual assistant explains its benefits and others give testimonials.
  • The University of Pittsburgh’s AR enabled YouVisit website prompted an 18 percent increase in inquiries, and a 27 percent boost in physical visits.

Virtual reality
Virtual reality (VR) actually transports users to an alternate world where they interact in an artificial 3D environment. Headsets help isolate viewers from the real world, and VR immerses them in a 360-degree alternate reality.

  • Imagine being in a pre-historic environment 60 million years ago, running for your life from giant dinosaurs. Thousands of visitors experienced this thrill at a recent event in New York City.
  • B2B customers can test drive equipment before they buy.
  • Companies can train employees and customers from thousands of miles away, saving time and money.
  • Physicians trying new devices can perform complex procedures on virtual patients before moving on to real ones.
  • Concert goers can buy tickets to a virtual performance, access VIP seats, visit a virtual room where they can watch a DJ spin music or buy actual merchandise in a “merch” room, all so live they think they’re there.


Users can take their picture with the Rocky statue and share it with friends. The app created for Amplify AR was the hit of the SXSW festival.


Patients and caregivers are immersed in an alternate environment, in the waiting area of Penn Medicine Department of Radiology Oncology. Guided mediation channels away anxiety and discomfort, helping patients relax.


The Bayer AG Claritin package comes alive engaging consumers and providing useful information.


Virtual reality takes users on a tour through time from an early American pharmacy to modern day and beyond. Good Neighbor Pharmacy debuted this showstopping experience at a tradeshow, distinguishing itself from other exhibitors.