Grow sales, defend your brand, enhance your reputation

Social “eavesdropping;” better intelligence, growing sales.

Right now, somebody may be on social media talking about you and your company. You need to know what they’re saying.

Social media has become “meeting central” for buyers of all products. It’s where they share experiences, satisfactions, frustrations and successes, and make recommendations and issue warnings to their peers.

Several research studies found that seven-in 10 B2B buyers look for information on social media before making a purchase decision. Almost as many, 65 percent, say that information had an effect on choosing one brand over another.

Social listening takes competitive analysis to another level.

Knowing what customers think of your brands, learning first about evolving customer needs and emerging industry trends provide a strategic edge, and invaluable intelligence to make sound business decisions.

We continuously monitor your online presence, capture valuable information about you, your competitors and your customers. You receive verbatims of these unvarnished peer-to-peer discussions, along with our analysis and recommendations based on our experience

Problems and opportunities are red flagged and forwarded to our clients for immediate action.

Through our Reputation Management Program we can use this information to help shape perception of your brand, enhance your image and reputation, and help win or retain customers.


Social listening helped us develop the strategy and messaging to overcome social activists and plan a strategy to bring this product to market. Our president even presented testimony on behalf of an unavailable expert witness at the FDA Advisory Committee.