Branding, the foundation of marketing success

Different and better for today and tomorrow.

Branding is more than a logo or tagline. It’s the essence of a company or product, what it stands for in the minds of customers.

smartworks has branded and rebranded companies, products and services from Fortune 10 companies to startups, global, national and local.

smartworks has developed its own, unique research-based branding process creating a positioning that differentiates your company, messaging that motivates buyers and imaging that serves you today, and positions you for the future. Add in creative, sales tools and launch support, and you get the complete package.


Building BD’s leadership position in the face of less expensive competition— comfort set their insulin needles apart.


Developed brand strategy for Agfa Graphics, a manufacturer, after it acquired Pitman, a sales organization. We combined two completely diverse companies into one very effective brand strategy.


Repositioned this flavor and fragrance company, as “Masters of the Elements,” and created collateral to deliver the new brand strategy.


Created the brand strategy, brand architecture and positioning for each of its products after Siemens acquired Shared Medical Services, bringing the worlds of IT and hardware together.